Music Taco notifies you as soon as an artist releases a new album.

  • Track your favourite artists
  • Get an email whenever they release a new album
  • Listen to those fresh new beats
  • Avoid FOMO and look hip in front of your friends - optional

Want to buy that new album? Music Taco also compares prices for MP3 albums on iTunes, Amazon and 7digital. Search for the album you want and it will tell you where to buy it for the lowest price.


Keeping up with all the artists I love is hard. Often I'd find out a band I really like released a new album LAST YEAR! How did I not know!? Why didn't anyone tell me!? What have I been missing out on!?

Sure, you can follow them on social media or sign up to their newsletters but the signal to noise ratio for new album announcements is incredibly poor.

I wanted something that automatically notified me whenever an artist I like released a new album. And that's it. Nothing else.

Music Taco was born out of the pain of wanting to know about new album releases without the hassle of having to stay on top of the music news cycle.