Music Taco compares prices for MP3 albums on iTunes, Amazon and 7digital. Search for the album you want and it will tell you where to buy it for the lowest price.


It may be a less common opinion these days, but I still prefer to own my media.

  • I want to own it; outright.
  • I want to store it where I want.
  • I want to put it on whatever device I want.
  • I want to play it on whatever hardware I want.
  • I want to have unlimited, unrescindable access to what I have purchased (I don't want a license deal that is outside of my hands to cause me to lose access to what I want to play).
  • I want to pay for this privilege so I can support the artists that create what I love to listen to every day.

Music Taco was born out of the pain of wanting to purchase digital music, but not wanting to pay more than I needed to.

The main online retailers can have surprisingly different pricing for the same album. I found myself manually checking the big sites (iTunes, Amazon, 7digital) every time I wanted to buy an album. So I thought: why not automate it? And why not build it as a website so others can benefit too?