Jonathan Mare

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and email you once they're released

Tracked artists will check for upcoming albums and email you once they're released

Breath of the FoRest: Elemental Air Meditation with Winds and Nature Sounds, Lift Yourself to New Heights

Genius Brain Frequency

Simple Beautiful Calm

Union with the Universe: Get Your Life Back Into Balance, Recharge Your Internal Batteries, Determine Your Values

Distance Reiki Healing: Deep Vibrational Meditation for Healing at All Levels, Energetically Programmed Music to Clear and Release Energetic Blocks, Holistic Therapy Sound

Absorbing the Infinite Calmness

Spiritual Healing for Self Care: Piano Relaxation Music for Stress Relief and Healing, Sounds of Nature, Harmony & Balance

10 Hertz Music: Relaxing State of Brain with Alpha Waves

Archangel Chakra Meditation: Angelik Reiki, Balance for Enlightenment

Happy Ramadan 2022: Month of Fasting

Cells Repair: Healing Meditation Frequency

Cleanse Aura & Space

Massage and Deep Sleep

Stillness for Stress Relief (50 Minute Meditation & Yoga)

Deep Stage Meditation

Infinite Healing: Vibration Frequency, Positive Energy

Unlock Your Body's Natural Defenses Through Meditation and Relaxing Music

432 Hz: Liberation from Negative Energies

432 Hz: Feel the Nature – Meditation Music, Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping, Beat Insomnia

432 Hz: Attract Energetic Love – Love Frequency, Improve Your Sexuality

Release Negative Thoughts - Soothing Positive Affirmations Bells

Walking Meditation – For Energizing, Stress-Relief, Mindfulness, Peaceful Sleep

Autogenic Training Zen

Jewels of Silence: Meditations on the Chakras with Solfeggio Frequency

Heart Warriors: Wings of Mindfulness, Shamanic Drums, Flutes & Shakers (Spiritual Meditation)

Himalayan Shamanic Healing

Sleep Subliminal Meditation: Night Affirmations & Solfeggio 528 Hz

ASMR Peaceful Garden: Relaxing Nature Sounds

Pilates calme pour enceinte

Experience Cosmic Consciousness: Powerful Deep Meditation

Positive Energy Music: Have a Great Day, Wake Up Softly


Miracle Mindset

AIRPLANE Noise (Airplane Cabin Noise, Airplane Sound, Relaxing White Airplane Noise, Airplane Travel)

Calm Music for Reiki

Organic Peace

Staying Connected to Mind & Body

Quietness & Healing

Into the Wild

Stillness of Mind

State of Eternal Hypnosis

Kiss of the Sun

Japanese Stillness

Heartbeats of the Earth

Large Dose of Relaxation (New Age Soothing Sounds for Yoga, Pilates, Wellness & Spa, Meditation)

Relax After Long Day

The Soul of Healing Meditations


Day in Spa

Shamanic Soul (Spiritual Music)