Baby Sleep Lullaby Academy

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Tracked artists will check for upcoming albums and email you once they're released

Easter Lullaby

Beautiful Christmas Lullabies: Soft Baby Sleep Music, Enchanted Christmas Night for Kids

Jazzing Up Baby’ Bedtime: Jazz Piano Baby Serenade

White Sleepy Noise: Time for Baby Lullaby

Cozy Cradle: Soothing and Calming Instrumental Lullaby Music for Bedtime, Night Ambience with Nature Sounds for Sleep

Roseate Resonance: Pink Noise Bliss for Deep Relaxation and Focus Enhancement

Whispers of Slumber: White Noise Lullabies for Sleepy Babies

Children and Mini Nap in Bed

Serenity Slumbers: Baby Sleep Lullaby Music

Brown Noise: Deep Sleep Inducing

Happy Friends Calming Music for Dreaming Babies

Wiegenlieder für das Ozean-Klavier: 30 entspannende Klänge für ein Nickerchen, beruhigende Lieder bei Schlafstörungen für Neugeborene, Kinderzimmer-Rhythmen für einen tiefen Schlaf

Pink & Soft Noise for Baby Sleeping

Harp Lullabies for Babies to Go to Sleep

Kalimba Lullabies

Healing Insomnia (Meditation to Help You Fall into a Deep Restful Sleep)

Sweet Dreams (Sleepy Baby Melody, Delicate Instrumental Lullabies, Sleep Music for Babies)

Healing Piano Lullabies - Meditation Music for Sleep for Babies

Nighty Night for Babies: New Age Lullabies with Hz and Sleep Noise, Soothing Lullabies, Newborn Sleep Therapy, Naptime for Kids, Improve Baby Sleep

Essential Sound Effects to Help Your Baby Sleep

Baby Lullaby: Soothing Cradle Song, Serenity Music for Sleep and Dream, Sweet Dreams, Easy Listening

Instrumental Lullaby for Babies: Music Box Lullaby, Soothing Calming Music & Gentle Sleep Sounds, Sleep Aid, Sweet Dreams

Sleepy Eyes – Lullabies for Babies and Kids Sleep All Night, Bedtime Songs Played Beautifully

60 Long Baby Sleep: Best New Age Lullabies, Soothing Piano Songs, Over 3 Hours of Non Stop Sleeping Music

Baby's Sweet Deep Dreams: 30 Piano Relaxing Lullabies for Newborns & Babies Deep Sleep & Relaxation

50 Dreams: Sweet Lullabies for Newborn, Best Cure for Baby Insomnia

Celtic Calm Cradle Song: Gentle Newborn Lullabies, Cure for Baby Insomnia

Музыкальная терапия для детей: Расслабляющие колыбельные, спокойной ночи, нежная сонная музыка

Ocean Piano Lullabies: 30 The Most Relaxing Sounds for Baby Nap Time, Soothing Songs for Trouble Sleeping for Newborn, Nursery Rhythms for Sleep Deeply

Toddlers Relaxing Music: Soothing Piano Lullabies, Gentle Ocean Waves Sounds Helps Your Baby Sleep Through the Night, Natural Cure for Baby Insomnia, Deep Serenity and Calmness

Diffrent Noise to Help Your Baby Sleep: Relaxing and Soothing Sounds for White Dreams

Music for My Baby: 50 Relaxing Instrumental Songs for Deep Sleep & Nap Time, Gentle Lullabies for Newborn, Cure for Baby Insomnia

Sweet Newborn Sleep: Baby Sleep Aid, Soothing Nature Sounds, Infant Lullabies, Calm Music for Deep Rest & Relaxation

Under the Magic Fairy Wing: Baby Softly Fall Asleep – Peaceful Nature Sounds, Ambient Piano Background, Zen Relaxing for Infants Sleep

50 Tranquility Baby Dreams: Soothing Sounds of Nature for Help Your Baby Sleep, Soft Instrumental Music for Newborn, Gentle Baby Lullabies

Newborn Deep Dreaming: Baby Lullabies Piano, Rockabye Songs Baby, Soothing Bells, Nature Sounds, Easy Sleep for Infants, Liquid Sleep

Newborn Relaxing Lullabies: Baby Nature Sounds, Soothing Music, Trouble Sleeping Aid, Calming Before Sleeptime, Fall Asleep & Sleep Trough the Night

Sleep Training Baby: Gentle Music for Deep Sleep, Serenity Music Relaxation, Baby Lullaby

50 Gentle Goodnight Kiss: Soft Nature Music for Baby, Calm Sleeping Time, New Age Heavenly Music to Relax, Soothing Sounds for Baby & Children, Sleep Lullaby

No More Baby Crying: Calming Sounds of Nature, Baby Lullabies

Calming Piano Music Lullabies: Relaxing Melodies of Music Box, Soothing Sounds for Trouble Sleeping for Newborn, Fall Asleep Quickly, Gentle Baby Sleep Through the Night

Smooth Jazz Music Collection for Babies: Sleeping Piano Lullabies, Songs to Help Litlle Toddler Fall Asleep, Einstein Effect Music, Calm Newborn Sleeptime & Playtime

Relaxing Baby Songs: Soothing Tracks, Relaxation, Deep Sleep, Sweet Dreams, Calm Music

50 Sleep Music for You & Baby: Calming Sounds for Baby Dreams, No More Crying, Pregnant Mothers, Stress Relief, Delta Waves

Cure Newborn Trouble Sleeping: Sleep Tight Baby, No More Crying, Relaxing Piano Through the Night, Deep Sleep Music

Relaxing Jazz Piano Lullabies: Gentle and Sleeping Music for Babies to Relax, Soft Piano Songs for Toddlers to Fall Asleep

Have a Nice Dream: Baby Sleep Music, Gentle Sounds for Baby Relaxation, Newborn Sleep Aid

Calm Music for Babies: 111 Peaceful & Relaxing Sounds for Your Baby, Healthy and Restful Sleep

Soft Lullabies for Newborn – Sleeping Music for Babies, Soothing & Calming Nature Sounds, Relaxing Piano Background, Sleep Deeply

Soothing Baby Lullabies - Healing Music and Natural Sleep Aids for Children, Gentle Instrumental Music and Sounds of Birds